Cascade Optical Corporation



Map1225 East Hunter Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
United States

Phone: +1 714-543-9777


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Manufacturer of custom vacuum-deposited thin-film coatings with more than 35 years of specializing in ion-assisted deposition, low-temperature, low-stress coatings for laser crystals and fiber optics. Supplier of custom components in prototype and production quantities.

Custom Thin-Film Specialists
Spectral range covers deep-UV 0125 m to far IR 25 m
High laser damage > 10s GW/cm^2 Rep rates as high as 1 kHz
Coating that withstands T> 800C
Protected Ag and Au passes severe abrasion and adhesion

Cascade Optical - custom thin film specialists

Camera Lenses


Edge, Notch, BP, BS, Mirror, & ND
NightVision Displays (OD 5)
Covert Mirrors
Color Filters-Gobos

Cascade Optical - custom thin film specialists



Low Temp Coatings < 85C
Glass and Fiber Connectors
Polycarbonate Lenses
Ferrule and Bare Fiber Ends
Cemented Lenses
Cascade Optical - custom thin film specialists
20-in. Diameter Beamsplitter



Metal Coatings

Au, Al, Ag, Cu, Pt
Enhanced Au, and Ag
Non-Polarizing BS
Induced Transmission Filters
Cascade Optical - custom thin film specialists

Electrically Conductive Thin Films
Low Ohm High Transmittance
EMI Shielding
Cr-Ni-Au Bus Bars

Plano Optical Fabrication
Ultra-Flat (λ/20)
RMS down to 3
// to 1 arc-sec over 3
3 305 mm

Equipment and Facilities
Class 100 and 10 clean rooms
PE950, Shimazu FTIR IR Affinity-1
WYKO 400 with 6 attachment
Laser/Environmental Test Lab


Established: 1975
Employees: 20
Facility area (sq ft): 21,000
Ownership type: Privately Owned

L.D. Hundsdoerfer, Pres.
Brendon Faught, Sales Engr.
Kenneth Romo, Gen. Mgr.
Muamer Zukic, Sr. Scientist