"Leading The Pack" With Innovative Optical Solutions

Cold Coatings <66ºC


Cascade has been a leader in the development and design of "Cold Coatings" since the early 1980s. In addition to ARs, we can produce just about any complex Filter on plastics and other temperature sensitive materials

High Laser Damage


We have been able to set ourselves apart from several coating companies with our ability to achieve incredibly High Laser Damage Thresholds >10GW/cm2

IR Coatings


IR ARs LWPs SWPs MIRRORS.  Our IR coatings have been in some of the most complex Military and Astronomical Systems since the 1980s

Indium Tin Oxide -ITO


Indium Tin Oxide Coatings-  ITO

 We have been depositing ITO for over 20 years, removing any mystery behind it and Mastering the deposition process.  We have an in depth understanding of the fundamental principles

Space Qualified Coatings


We have been involved in several NASA launch programs.  Here are just some examples of various programs we have been involved in

Temperature Resistant


We have been able to create coatings that are extremely temperature resistant  T>800ºC.

 Our high temperature coating process enables our customers to enjoy the benefits of thin film filtration while simultaneously enduring a high temperature post process  


Large Optical Substrates


 Large Optical Filters are commonly coated at Cascade Optical Corporation.  We frequently coat protected metal mirrors that are greater than 889mm in diameter.  We also commonly coat various multi-layer dielectrics that have a diagonal of greater than 571mm across

Curved Surfaces


Curved Surfaces: We coat Domes, Tubes, Aspheres, Polygones, and other non plano surfaces.  We have more than 40 years of tooling that has pushed the limits of a "line of sight" deposition process

Patterned Coated Glass


 Patterned Coated Glass: With custom tooling of thin sheets of etched metal shims Cascade can produce sub- millimeter tolerances for intricate patterns and shapes.  This includes custom coatings that are greater than 5μm thick

Angle Insensitive Coatings


Due to the nature of a thin film structure, coatings will shift at angles of incidence greater than 10 degrees.  But, with our technology we able to optimize each and every layer for desired optical filtration while simultaneously maintaining angle insensitivity

High Volume


With our large chamber systems, we coat volume display glass, Large Telescope Optics, and are Semiconductor ready.  We have prefabricated pocket tooling for 8, 6, and 4 Inch wafers.  We also have in-house Mechanical Engineers ready to design a custom tool that will accommodate your unique optic

Ruggedized Metal Mirrors



Ruggedized Metal Mrrors perform in even the harshest environments. Protected and enhanced Aluminum, Silver, and Gold mirrors have durability according to MIL-M-13508C and meet severe abrasion requirements of MIL-C-48497.

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