Company Background


Established in 1975, Cascade Optical has maintained leadership in complex coating applications from the design phase through production. Our flexible range of thin film deposition services include a low temperature processing we refer to as IOPLAS-II. It is a specialized form of Ion Assisted Physical Vapor Deposition. This innovative technology is applied to generate high packing densities with, low stress, low scatter, and high laser damage resistance. Depending on the application we may also choose to add temperature to the process or combine the two.  This flexibility has allowed our group to create some of the most cutting edge filters and designs to date.  Our large chamber systems have enabled our company to participate in programs where we have serviced some of the worlds Largest Telescopic Imaging Systems.  Our coatings pass some of the toughest Environmental standards and we have our own “in-house” environmental test lab to qualify each and every coating run. The Spectrum ranges from 120 nano-meters up to 25 microns. Cascade has been providing superior optical solutions for the Commercial, Medical, Military, Telecom, and Aerospace Industries for over 40 years. We are an internationally recognized supplier of high-quality optical components and optical coatings. We meet and exceed MIL Spec standards, including applications for NASA  (space-qualified optics)

Cascade Optical Corporation is a multi-faceted high-definition organization specializing in all optical design and applications. 

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