Luke Gers - Optical Engineer and Program Manager for Land Based Telescopes

 "Cascade Optical has been a project saver many times over! When most other vendors are running behind schedule Cascade Optical has come through and beat expectations. Putting the project back on schedule. Quotes are always fast and efficient, usually less than 48 hour turn around with prototype designs. Excellent turn around time on coated optics from small 25mm diameters to large 550mm diameters.  From aspheric lenses, beam splitters, and high angle of incidence VPH gratings Cascade has done an excellent job at meeting or beating our tough specifications!"

 Australian Astronomical Observatory


Dr. Chunyu Zhao-President and Owner Of Arizona Optical Metrology

“I have been working with Cascade Optical Corporation for several years. I use them to coat my fragile optical elements that require low temperatures and extreme attention to detail. The spectral performance and quality of each and every coating run has been exemplary and delivery has been impeccable."

Dr. Chunyu Zhao earned a PhD in Optical Engineering from the University of Arizona, College  of Optical Sciences where he is currently an Associate Research Professor. His work is focused on designing and building interferometric systems for testing large aspheric optics, especially those systems using Computer Generated Holograms (CGH). Dr. Zhao co-founded Arizona Optical Metrology LLC and currently serves as the Chief Engineer. The CGHs are 2d gratings fabricated on fused silica substrates which need to be AR coated to eliminate ghost reflections in order to achieve super high measurement accuracy of the aspheric surfaces.   


Bill Raggio CTO Owner Of Rayotek Scientific


"Rayotek has been working with Cascade Optical for over 20 years with consistent excellence in their coatings, customer service, and as important, their technical advice and expertise. Cascade is always willing to assist us in our design and engineering of coatings and coated optics. Rayotek is a more successful company because of the high quality coatings, QC system and coating engineering provided to us by Cascade coating"

  Bill Raggio has been in the Optics industry for over 30 years.  He currently holds the position of CTO at Rayotek Scientific Inc.


Dr. Zafer Yasa , PhD, Research Director For Femtochrome Research, Inc


“Cascade Optical has been our business partner for over 15 years. They support our business by supplying us with durable protected Ag coatings for ultra-fast laser applications. Their response time is always immediate and delivery typically takes less than a few days. The overall appearance of the coating is consistently uniform each and every time we utilize their services"

Graph for (fs)^2 GDD mirrors we receive from them to the right:



Dr. Zafer's Background

FEMTOCHROME manufactures state-of-the-art instruments for the characterization of ultrafast optical laser pulses. Our current FR-103 Autocorrelators/ Crosscorrelators are unmatched in sensitivity and overall versatility. While providing the utmost in technical performance. The FR-103 series is reasonably priced, offering excellent performance/price ratio.

Dr. Yasa has been has been in the Optical industry since 1976 and Has worked for Femtochrome Research, Inc for over 30 years.

Dr Zafer Yasa , PhD

Research Director

Femtochrome Research, Inc

Image of cells, a femto second laser can help resolve to the right:  .

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