Indium Tin Oxide-ITO, index matched Indium tin Oxide-IMITO

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Indium Tin Oxide has long been thought by the Coating industry to be a "tricky" material.  We have been depositing ITO for over 20 years, removing any mystery behind it and Mastering the deposition process.  We have an in depth understanding of the fundamental principles that allow us the flexibility of tuning in sheet resistivity or bus bar to bus bar resistivity while simultaneously achieving extraordinarily high Transmission Efficiencies throughout the visible and even NIR spectrum

This incredibly versatile material can be enhanced with dielectric layers to increase the transmission in specific wavelength regions (This technique is so called IMITO)

Applications for this material are vast and continue to grow daily.  Some of the industries it has been a part of or "created" includes but is not limited to Touch Screen Devices, Defogging Aircraft Viewports, Aircraft and Ground Camera Windows, Liquid Crystal Devices, and Electro Magnetic Impulse Shielding(EMI Shielding) 

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In2O3, SnO2 commonly mistaken as an element is actually a mixture and understanding the correct ratio is just one underlining key principle behind our success and each coating company keeps their secrets under "lock and key"

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