Dielectric Mirrors Withstanding High Laser Induced Damage

All-dielectric high reflective (HR) coatings

All-dielectric High Reflective (HR) coatings offer a high efficiency and a much higher laser induced damage thresholds than enhanced and protected metal mirrors. They are designed to provide either high reflection over one or more spectral bands, or as broadband reflectors covering, for example, the entire visible spectrum with reflection higher than 99% over a certain angular cone.   In our standard production we have a number of single, dual, and multiple band HR coatings.

In laser applications it is important to achieve high reflection over a narrow bandwidth and over a wide angular cone. Implementing the correct choice of materials, substrate, coating parameters, surface quality, and the overall coating design guarantee the best possible laser resistant coating.

Some of the worlds leading Laser Labs have utilized our facilities such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Naval Research Laboratory, and National Energetics.  These Labs have lasers that reach the Peta Watt level


All Cascade Optical Corporation's Dielectric coatings pass MIL-C-48497 and can be made to pass even the severe abrasion requirements of MIL-C-675.  We have a Environmental test Lab department to qualify each and every coating run.

Dielectric Mirrors Withstanding High Laser Induced Damage


Discrete, Single Line Mirrors- HIGH POWER LASER HR @ 1064 nm @ 0°±30°

 This graph shows a spectral performance of a high power laser mirror designed to operate @ 1064 nm over 0°±30° with reflection higher than 99.95% Rs and Rp. This coating showed no laser damage when exposed to 10 PW/cm² power density


Multiple Line Mirrors- HIGH POWER LASER Rs,p> 99.95% @ 266 & 1064nm & Rs,p>98%@ 633nm@ 45°

Even with several stacks of multilayer dielectrics focused at three laser lines our coatings have proven to provide high reflectivity and laser resistance greater than 10MW/cm2 power density


Broad Band High Reflector Combined With A Discrete NIR Laser Line Rav > 99% @ 400-750 nm & R > 99% @ 1550 nm @0º

Stacking this many interference layers may be unheard of at some, less experienced, coating facilities.  But, here at Cascade Optical we routinely deposit incredibly complex systems that have proven to not only pass high laser damage but also Environmental testing as well

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