Hybrids -Metal Or Metal Oxide Dielectric-Hybrids

Hybrids -Metal Or Metal Oxide Dielectric-Hybrids

Hybrid Coatings: have been in existence since the dawn of Astronaut Aviation.  Although some companies actually try and trade mark these coatings, it is no secret you can stack metals with metal oxides or dielectrics.  In order to produce these filters one needs to have very tight controls over all materials within the design and a thorough understanding of rate control.  This technique can be very useful for many applications where one requires non polarization or a wide band blocked with a minimal number of layers.  Here we will discuss some interesting examples and their applications.  Some Hybrid Filters that can be made with this technique include Non Polarizing Beam Splters(NPBS), Light Trap, Absorbing, Induced Transmission Filters, and even extreme Hot Mirrors


Hybrids -Metal Or Metal Oxide Dielectric-Hybrids

Below are some featured Coatings where customers wanted deviations from the standard, straight forward optical filtration



Induced Transmission Filter-Helmet Visor(above)

This is a coating that many people in the Coating Industry talk about.  Some of the first Hot Mirrors to block out the sun's electromagnetic radiation were made by means of a Gold Metal Hybrid coating.  This coating not only, adequately, passes the visible spectrum but it blocks out harmful UV and IR radiation extending across the entire spectrum (below 0.1 µ  and above 25µ)


Non Polarizing Plate Beam Splitter (NPBS) 60% > Rs-p & Ts-p > 35% Δλ= 550-750nm @35º,45º, & 55º 85% > Rs-p & Ts-p > 25% Δλ= 450-900nm @35º,45º, & 55º THROUGH PART

This NPBS was required by a Biosciences Company to view the inside of the eye and check for Macular Degeneration.  With dielectrics alone, it is virtually impossible to minimize polarization effects over such a broad wavelength and angular range. We have been told by the customer many of our competitors "fell short" on their spectral requirements


FIREBall-Faint Intergalactic Redshifted Emission Ballooon (FIREBALL)-2 Multiple Reflection Filter With Built In Light Trap To Minimize Cerenkov Radiation

  This multiple reflection filter is completely unique in that it enhances the Red Shift Lyman-alpha Hydrogen line 121.6nm which is at 205nm.  In addition to that, Colombia/ CalTech/Nasa challenged our group to implement a light trap coating within the same multiple reflection filter to minimize Cerenkov radiation in the visible.  This emitting radiation is due to particles, in the medium, moving faster than the phase velocity in the medium.  This system was a 2 reflection "bounce" system(With the addition of slits)

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